Huddersfield Asian Fellowship give to the cause.

Whilst speaking at Hope Church in Huddersfield (a reformed evangelical church), Wilson Chowdhry obtained several bags of clothes from the Pakistani Christian
community residing in the area to be reused by Christians in Pakistan.

Wilson also  added further clothes and some toys from Maria Jarrett of Gateway Church, in Gants Hill.  

The items have been sent to our office in Islamabad where they will be distributed to the deprived communities of H9 Block.  

Leighton Medley spoke to BPCA about the gift from the north.  He said: 

It was my delight in the past week, to hand over several cargo bags full of children’s clothes to the BPCA, for transfer to those in need in Pakistan.

“These clothes were duly donated, by various members of the Huddersfield Asian Fellowship, as well as members of Hope Church Huddersfield, where Wilson was recently invited to give a presentation on his work helping persecuted Pakistani Christians around the globe.

“Special thanks must be given to Amjad Aaron and his wife Gulnaz, who gave a substantial amount of the clothing, not to mention Gulnaz’s sister Shahnaz, who also gave a donation towards our work in Pakistan.

“It is this kind of selfless giving which is so important today, giving consideration to the fact, we live in such a throw away culture in the west.

“It is hoped these clothes that have been donated, will be used for the poorer children in many of Pakistan’s Christian communities, giving them protection in the colder weather. It was decided to pursue this agenda, when after my recent visit to Pakistan,

“I couldn’t help noticing how poorly clad, many of the children were, particularly in places such as Asif Town in Lahore. Therefore, we are grateful to our Asian fellowship here in Huddersfield, as well as Hope Church for providing us with these much needed items for children in desperate need.

“It is hoped, that this endeavour will continue in the future, that at least every quarter, we will be able to provide support to the BPCA in this area. I offer my heartfelt thanks to all those who contributed and long may we continue to give what we can, to those who are worse off th an ourselves.

“May God bless you and keep you always in Jesus name.”

Brother Leighton