Muslim man sent 10 year old boy on errand while he raped his 3 year old sister!

Whilst a Christian single mother Catherine Bibi (38 yrs) and her eldest son Altaf Masih (21 yrs) were out working  to provide for their family, a
Muslim man ostensibly a friend of the elder son contrived to rape Catherine’s youngest daughter Saiba (3 yrs).

Catherine Bibi is a single mother and of three children, Altaf and Daud (10 years) and Saiba. She works as a sanitary worker at Government Hospital,
Multan and her eldest son Altaf Masih, 22, works as a rickshaw driver their combined earnings sustain a meagre existence.  On December 17th 2016
whilst out working they left Daud at home to care for Saiba a practice that had proved successful for some time.  While only the two juveniles
were at home a friend of Altaf named Muhammed Abbas came t o their house and asked where Altaf and his mother were.  When Daud explained that
the two of them where out working Mr Abbas took some money out of his pocket and asked Daud to fetch some cigarettes for him.

In deference to his older years and because he was a known friend of his brother Daud obliged Mr Abbas. Mr Abbas had told Daud not to worry about
anything and explained that he would care for little Saiba while Daud was out.

As soon  as Daud left his home Mr Abbas grabbed young Saiba and brutally raped her.  When Daud returned he knocked on the door but the house
was locked from inside. After some time Muhammad Abbas opened the door and Daud could see that his sister was naked, bruised and bleeding.  Saiba
was in obvious pain, she was crying and screaming loudly but was unable to express the torture she had been put through to Daud. Within Minutes the
mother had also arrived home after having finished her work and was shocked when she discovered her daughter had been raped.  

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“I felt like collapsing my heart was torn in two, all I could see was blood and my screaming child but I instantly knew what happened.  Nothing could hurt me more then seeing the torture my child had gone through.  I can never forget what I saw that day and knowing what this evil man has done to my daughter has made me so depressed – I cry every night. Now Saiba may never have children this will be a cruel blow for her. “

Young Saiba

Catherine called her son Altaf home and together the whole family took Saiba to DHQ Hospital for her to be examined and treated. Saiba had to undergo
immediate surgery and received 8 stitches. The family have been advised that Saiba will now never be able to have children in the future. DNA testing
confirmed that Saiba had been raped by Mr Abbas.

The family have visited their local police station who refused to register an FIR  until a local Christian parliamentarian from the ruling party
PPP, MP Nazir provided assistance. 

Mr Abbas was arrested but this has placed the family in a position of hostility from the local Muslim community.  Christian women are considered
more worthless then the men in Pakistan and such crimes against Christians does not result in the mutual disgust that would surface in western society.
Many Muslims believe Mr Abbas in the usual us versus them bias that manifests in Pakistan.  Threats are being made against the family with perpetrators
threatening dire consequences, should Catherine and her family persist with the legal action against Mr Abbas.  The family are extremely terrified
but are adamant they wish to pursue for justice for Young Saiba 

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairmanof the BPCA, said:

“This brutal attack has left Catherine and her family devastated. It will leave poor three year old Sabia traumatized for the rest of her life and she is having to pay the price of Mr Abbas’ cruel rape by never being able to bear children. I cannot fathom the depths of sorrow this family is undergoing.  However I know that the vile act makes me feel sick to my core.  

“Whatever we feel about children being left alone to fend for themselves it must be considered that Pakistan has no benefits system. Single mothers have to do what they must to survive and sustain their families. With no family members to support her poor Catherine has been forced to leave her vulnerable children in a high risk situation. Our focus must be on getting the nation of Pakistan to recognize their duty of care for the most helpless in their nation.

“I have been trying to understand why so many Muslims ignore the plight of Christians but hold no anger.  All I ask is for Muslim brothers to consider the act of paedophilia that has been enacted on this three year old child.  The felon Mr Abbas now has a taste for this sick crime and nothing will stop him trying to do the same to another child unless he is locked up. If he is free no child Muslim or Christian will be safe.  Yes Christians are more vulnerable but if the opportunity came to rape a Muslim girl could anyone be certain this evil man would not take it?

“I am shocked and dismayed that after this detestable crime police still failed to register an FIR.  Why do NGO’s or politicians still have to get involved to ensure Christians get a police response.  This is a clear failing of the state to protect it’s vulnerable minorities.”

BPCA would like to protect this family from the ramifications of a long criminal trial in which attempts will be made to frighten the family.  We would like to move the family to our safe house the cost of which will be a charge of £200 for transport of family members and some of their essential possessions.  We also seek to help by providing a decent solicitor at the cost of £400 – there is real hope for justice due to the very clear evidence of a crime and linking Mr Abbas to the crime. The family will require help towards living costs and schooling as we hope to provide safety and care for the children.  These costs will require donations of £120 per month.  If you would like to help us assist this family then you can donate by clicking (here)

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Please pray for complete healing for Saiba and for her to completely forget the pain of this acrimonious crime.  Pray for her to grow up strong knowing of God’s protection in her life and to be free of any trauma from this dreadful attack.