In Thailand we continue to support vulnerable mothers whose husbands are locked in IDC – with your help we can aid more!

In 2018 after one of the largest raids on an asylum seeker condo by Bangkok authorities  led to the arrest of Humaira and her children British Asian
Christian Association, helped Humaira and her children escape the brutal Bangkok Immigration Detention Centre.  Since then we have been supporting
her financially and like many other wives and mothers Humaira is still praying for the release from the IDC of her husband.  Until that long awaited
date BPCA will stand shoulder to shoulder with her to ensure that her essential needs are catered for.

We are also supporting Sapna whose husband was arrested during the same raid.  She has also shared thanks for the support we have given over the
last 11 months.

After the raid 11 months ago BPCA was supporting a total of five mothers and wives.  However two mothers left for Canada earlier this year to
start sponsorship programmes and one mother and her husband opted for Voluntary Assisted Return. 

Every month BPCA has been providing IDC victims with cooked Asian food which is prepared by our volunteers (click here). We are also almost always
the first group to step in an pay court fines for newly arrested asylum seekers.  By paying these fines although we cannot keep those we help
out of the brutal IDC we have been able to prevent their incarceration in the even more frightening Central Jail, where those who go in – come out
traumatised (click here).

Our work in Thailand has slimmed since the raids on our schools (click here) reduced the value of them, after children from raided families had all been arrested or had fled to new areas.  There are still other women with husbands locked in the Bangkok IDC who are requesting help form the BPCA.  If you would like to help wives and mothers still awaiting a release of their husbands please donate to our Thailand appeal by clicking