Judges who let sexual predators off for reasons of language and culture pervert justice

Sex attacks, child rape, and grooming are increasing being tolerated by judges who say perpetrators who have a poor command of English or whose religion or culture teaches them sexual assault is not wrong and that abuse of woman and girls is normative, are not morally culpable, in a disturbing trend that means open season on British women and girls


Tolerance for sex attacks by abusers with limited English skills or with different cultural values is a growing issue among the judiciary in both the
UK and Canada, where judges are either refusing to convict or giving shockingly low penalties even for those for repeat offences. This lack of sense
in the judiciary seems to be reported more often these days, but unfortunately it nothing new.

As far back as 2013, Birmingham Paedophile Adil Rashid, a grown man who raped a 13 year-old girl whom he groomed on Facebook, has been given a suspended
sentence because his religion does not condemn child sex, and he was thought to be “immature with regards to sexual matters”. (click here)

Judge Michael Stokes, handed down the inexcusable sentence after the Rashid, claimed to have been educated about British Law at the madrassa he was
educated at, and that he had been taught women were he was taught women were “worthless” and referred to as “lollipops”.

According to the Daily Mail, in a sickening show of empathy Judge Stokes, rendered his assessment of the grown man’s behaviour – who targeted, lured,
and groomed the young girl for the purpose of sexual contact, saying

…because Rashid was ‘passive’ and ‘lacking assertiveness’, sending him to jail might cause him ‘more damage than good’.”

Rashid denied his moral culpability and the grooming allegation and rather claimed that it was he that was “tempted” by the girl online and that he
had “relented” after she “seduced” him.

The judge addressed Rashid saying:

 ‘I accept this was a case where the girl was quite willing to have sexual activity with you. But the law is there to protect young girls, even though they are perfectly happy to engage in sexual activity.’

Wilson Chowdhry said: 

“Rashid’s behaviour was far from passive and hardly lacks assertiveness! This man has cause irreparable damage to this young girl, by his predatory actions.

“What is heart-sickening is that this member of judiciary, who is supposed to apply the law for the protection of British citizens, has shown so much supposed compassion for the criminal behaviour of a child-rapist and none for the victim. Rather than admonishing the rapist, Judge Stokes placated him and almost apologised that the law protects young girls!

“The judged shamelessly says he believes that the girl was complicit, but the age of consent in the UK is 16 years old. Is the judge ignorant of that fact that he would excuse this behaviour? The judge is not ignorant of the law, and should be ashamed of himself for denying the culpability of this criminal behaviour.”  
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This horrible judgement among the the judiciary is becoming common place in British Courts. Also Councils are arbitrarily offering parental access
to child-rapists when their victim falls pregnant, as reportedly happened with child victim Sammy Woodhouse last in 2018 who was groomed and had her
son at the age of 14 when her Rotherham council offered her rapist visitation though he had never held a parental role, as a way to supposedly, rehabilitate
the convicted child sex offender (click here)

In December 2018 Constantin Barbutu (22) of East Sussex was  also let off with a slap on the wrist after being convicted for attacking 11 or the
24 women who harassed from his bicycle late in the evenings.  He became commonly known throughout two Boroughs as the “Brighton Bottom Slapper.” 

Barbutu trolled Brighton and Hove late in the evening stalking his victims on his bicycle as they walked along, trapping them in narrow streets, and
riding around each woman as he ogled them. 

The judge said his lack of English skills would make prison “too hard”. He was given only a 12-month suspended sentence at Hove Crown Court.

Judge David Rennie admitted that if it were not for Barbutu’s English ability and that he is said to have some mental impairment that he would definitely
be facing prison.

Despite Barbutu’s established mental capacity to find and abuse unsuspecting women, and the the judge in contradistinction to his judgement believed
the accused had the mental capacity to comprehend a scolding, saying:  

“You caused great fear and ongoing anguish. They were simply going about their business and they were fully entitled t
o be left alone.”

One of the women, who was knocked off her bike, was left with a broken collar bone when she crashed to the ground.

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British Pakistani Christian Association President, Wilson Chowdhry said:

Judge Rennie described the feelings of the victims somewhat empathetically when he repeated their sentiments calling the attacks ‘traumatic, frightening and terrifying’; 

“However shockingly he did not have enough empathy for either the current known victims, or future ones to actually treat Barbutu according to the real interests of the Crown and the citizens of the community even after stating that he had committed these acts and would be incarcerated if it was not for his English.

“There should be guidance to the judiciary against releasing sexual predators back into the community without an appropriate sentence, and a mechanism to reprove judges who use this bizarre logic.

He further said:

“If a sentence would be ‘too hard’ to regulate his criminal behaviour then It should be considered ‘too hard” for this man to live in the UK and he
should be deported, and refused further entry on the basis of criminality.”

BPCA Representative in Canada, Keri-Lynn Gibbs said:

“My heart goes out to these women for the dehumanising experience they have suffered. Incidents like these seem to have a racial component to them, as the victims are often seen as ‘other’ and are targeted in particular neighbourhoods. 

“It is appalling to hear an offence like this categorised as ‘minor’ especially with the clear escalation, numbers, and extended geography of the attacks. 

“These kinds of assaults are all too common for women world-wide and a similar incident that I experienced is not unique or special, but to hear the incredible lack of good sense by western judges in a position to punish these harmful actions is particularly perturbing.

“In my case my lack of language skills certainly was one of the reasons why I was targeted, as I was not even able to properly report the crime. I am stunned that a criminal’s lack of language skills would be used as an excuse to let them off when even the judge doing that is forced to admit the neglect of justice.

“It isn’t true the Burbutu did not know what he was doing and there is obvious intentionality  and planning in these attacks.”

on her own experience, she further described:

“As a foreign teacher in Asia I experienced an attack much like Burbutu committed against these women – on my birthday. I was outside my apartment
building where I was going home for my lunch break. A man on a bicycle slapped me with such force that he broke several blood vessels and left me with
a black bruise that stretched well beyond the impact and down my leg, lasting for well over a month.

“Though all I felt like doing was curling up in the foetal position, I was extremely angered by this assault, and seeing the superior smirk on his
face as he zoomed past me raised my ire all the more thinking the numerous younger women on staff who could be targeted. So I chased him out of the
neighbourhood remaining an inch from knocking off his bike, before my good sense returned to me and I decided that prison in a communist country
was not for me! Later when I informed security, they laughed and nonchalantly said, ‘Oh that’s what you were screaming about.’ 

“Judge Rennie seems to be categorically acting in the same manner, though with an obligatory scolding, which was apparently not for the criminal, but
for those with the mental capacity to comprehend it!”

“The minimising of these behaviours in both cases in untenable. Judge Stokes knows that a young girl has the right to be protected by the adults
around her, and not preyed upon, but he ostensibly does not care to apply the law, and permits egregious violations on the basis of culture and religious.
This racism of low exceptions, that favours the perpetrator at the expense of the victims needed to stop.” (click here)


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