Toronto area alleged rapist posing as fake Uber driver on the run and could be in Pakistan

Mohammed Fayad (police photo)

Alleged rapist Mohammed Fahad has been on the run from Toronto police in Canada for 3 weeks and could possibly be in Pakistan


Mohammed Fahad (35) of Etobicoke, Ontario in Canada has been on the run from the police since the Family Day holiday when he failed to meet his bail conditions
to stay home between 8pm and 8 am unless accompanied by one of his chaperones, and it is just being reported now.

Fahad did not return to his Dixon Rd apartment, violating his curfew condition, and his chaperones, including three of his four chaperones who actually
live with him, could not vouch for his where a bouts.


Family Day weekend occurs on the weekend closest to Valentine’s Day in several Canadian provinces and was over thee weeks ago. (click here)

His trial date for a lurid 2017 sexual assault is set for February 2020. 

Fahad, who has family in Pakistan, and is being hunted by police, is alleged to have raped a female passenger after taking her to an out of

the way location. He is alleged to have picked up the 25-year-old woman under false pretences while  waiting for her real Uber outside The Rebel night
club on Aug. 20, 2017. Sources say that he previously worked as a taxi driver. 

Frighteningly, following the assault the woman was taken to her east GTA-area residence, after he demanded she pay for the ride and even rummaged through
her purse for her debit card which he robbed her of.

The Toronto Sun, reported that Muhammad Fahad,

“…faces sexual assault and theft under $5,000 charges, had been free on a $10,000 bail since he was arrested on Aug. 21, 2017,”

and that, “Police found items consistent with a rape kit inside the vehicle of the alleged assailant when it was searched.”

Besides his 8pm-8am curfew, the Sun further reported the following bail expectations:

  • He was mandated to never work or claim himself to be a driver or chauffeur. 
  • He was banned from The Rebel night club property on 11 Polson St.
  • He was ordered to stay away from the alleged victim. 
  • He was supposed to deposit his passport and travel documents.” 

Keri-Lynn Gibbs, BPCA Canada representative said:

There is a basic expectation of safety when calling for a ride whether it be Uber or a taxi company.

“When looking into this incident I found several other similar ones in the GTA areas perpetrated by individuals who seem to have have different cultural mores around woman drinking or being alone in public.

“It is also appalling that there has been such a delay in Fahad’s trial date, and the prolonged trauma of the woman is not been taken into account. He has had an uninterrupted extended reprieve in Canada, and now may
well be back in Pakistan to further pursue his proclivities.”  

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