Kasur brick kiln workers visited by our revival team.

British Pakistani Christian Association sent brother Leighton Medley and his wife Pana to Pakistan on a revival and outreach mission in March/April.

We sent Leighton to Kasur an area which in 2015 became infamous for the extrajudicial murder of Shama and Shahzad, who were burned alive in a brick kiln after a brutal attack following a false allegation of blasphemy.(click here). BPCA will continue to visit this community through brother Leighton to provide solace, assistance and to bolster our work of sowing God’s word and strengthening the faith of Christians.

On the 4th April, we visited Rukahwala in Kasur, a different village from before as there are many such villages in this part of Pakistan.
I was impressed with the local Pastor this time, he seemed to really care about his flock, plus he advertised it well, the place was packed where we
were, located in a farmyard towards the east of the village. I preached from the parable of the good Samaritan, the translation was good from sister
Stella and the congregation seemed to really enjoy the message, they received it well and more importantly, they understood its content as was displayed
by their enthusiastic reaction.

Afterwards, we again gave out free bibles, and did some pictures with the community. There are an awful lot of children here, who seem keen to hear
the word of God, it`s true what they say, the community mirrors the Pastor, and that is definitely the case here, he loved the Word of God, and so
do they. We share food and fellowship, it was good to come here, as the land which was purchased for the school is very near here and is where we went
next. I shall remember this community, there is great potential, and it shows that if there is good leadership in place, which is based on godliness
and the pursuit of holiness, then that is reflected across the wider community. I wish this were more the case across other parts of Pakistan.

Nearby, we visited the land which the BPCA had built for the school, and it was a joy to be there finally. The land is good and well placed with several
Christian communities located in the near vicinity, where education and mission can take place giving these people a much needed chance to improve
their lot in life. It will also encourage the local communities to help themselves, plus to increase their knowledge of their faith, as we seek to
build a church and mission house there, to feed the sheep and train more missionary brothers to go out in the future to preach the gospel. We meet
some members of the local brick kiln community, where I found myself much humbled, by their generosity, faith and contentment. They are overjoyed and
are much looking forward to the work that is to be undertaken here, this is what the BPCA is about, that through God`s power, we can change lives for

Much credit must go to our donors who have made this possible, and our prayers and thoughts, as well as thanksgiving go to them and to God as they
have provided with their gift of giving, much needed resources to make this project possible. All glory be to our God and father in heaven, Amen.

Brother Leighton

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