Pregnant Christian women stripped naked and beaten causing miscarriage after argument with Muslim superiors!

A tearful mother mourns her lost child please pray for justice for Elishba Bibi

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A Pakistani Christian woman named Elishba Bibi (28 years) who was 3 months pregnant was stripped naked and beaten by two Muslim men in Sheikhupura (November 16th), the same town Asia Bibi stems from.  

The attack erupted after she had an argument with two Muslim ladies who referred to her as an untouchable.  Two Muneeb and Mobeel Gondal then decided to enact the principle of impunity for attacks on Christians in Pakistan, that has left many disgraced, injured or dead, as Elisha had apparently argued with their mother and sister.  They beat her with Iron rods and sticks leaving welts across her body, whilst they spat at her in disgust.  The assailants were not satisfied with her public humiliation and stole 1,000 rupees (£10) from her (Elishba’s entire weeks wages), a gold necklace she was wearing and her mobile phone.

A local pack of Muslim’s watched the beating, laughing at the disgraced Christian.  They felt no remorse or pity and let her trudge home alone, trying to cover herself in what little had been left of her clothes, throwing stones at her for good measure.  

The attack was so brutal that poor Elisha Bibi has now miscarried and has been weeping constantly for the child she has lost.

Local Police have been accused of fudging the investigation deliberately in attempts to exonerate the perpetrators of the crime.  A protest outside the local Police station had no affect and Police even tried to bully the Christians into ending their peaceful protest.  

The family of Elishba have received several threats from Muslim’s telling them to drop the charges or face death.

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman for the BPCA, said;

“This disgraceful attack was compounded by the further humiliation and hatred meted out by other members of the Muslim community, in a town with a history of violence against Christians.  Asia Bibi underwent a similar degrading attack only miles away from this poor victim and the situation seems to be getting worse.  

He added;

“I cannot understand why British Tax-payers, many of whom are Christians would want any foreign aid budget to be sent to a nation with such an openly non-Muslim hatred.  This attack is one of many that highlight the need to terminate such funding.  The funding never reaches the people that need it most, Minorities!  Moreover the aid budget is often used to fund continuing extremism.  I remind British tax-payers that Britain distributed £225 million to Pakistan in 2012, allegedly for holistic educational reform, yet the nation’s educational curriculum continues to demonize and caricature Minorities and has also eradicated any contribution to the development of Pakistan made by minorities, from the historical record.  Many may not see the bigger picture yet, but this propaganda has created a nation of zealots and haters.  In future years, I predict that this will culminate in an even more vicious society then the current one, that will spill extremist terrorism across the globe.”

Please pray for this broken mother.  As of yet no Police arrests have been made and the torturous attack she has suffered will more likely then not fail to receive justice.

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