We are one T-shirts create local support for globally persecuted church.

Our popular “WE ARE ONE” polo shirts had great impact when worn in local park.

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Today our Chairman Wilson Chowdhry stepped out in faith and wore his “We are one” T shirt, whilst playing football in a local Redbridge Park.  Many people felt the bold images and strong statement of the Polo shirts would cause local offence, yet Wilson wore his believing it would galvanise support for the persecuted church within people of all faiths. 

Whilst wearing the polo shirt the young people he plays football with him, asked him about the symbols on the shirt.  Wilson was able to describe to them, that one Christian across the world was being killed every 2 minutes.  When they heard this message all the young people were astounded that such suffering was taking place.  They had in the main been completely oblivious to the scale of the attacks.  Many of them were so moved by the story of Shama and Shahzad that they have agreed to sign the petition for justice created by the BPCA.  

Wilson Chowdhry, said;

“When I put on the polo shirt my wife was concerned for my safety, Christians have been marginalised for so long in the UK, that outward expressions of our faith are now deemed by us to be dangerous. I have been working with the local community for years and have no such qualms, as my faith has always been a badge of honour. I was not surprised at the support received from the young lads I play footie with, they have good conscience and I knew they would not find the shirt offensive.”

He added;   

“I hope that others will purchase our shirts and use them as a vehicle for highlighting the increasing threat to Christians and other minorities in the Islamic world, where rising orthodoxy has created intolerance and hatred culminating in murder, rape and pillage. If nothing else simply wear them in solidarity with your persecuted brothers and sisters.”

Getting ready to play football

Don’t the T-shirts look great!

Despite the overtly Christian images people took no offence. So don’t shy away from getting your one!