Woman given bible clutches it like it's the most important thing in the world

BPCA send Leighton Medley and his wife Pana to Pakistan on a revival and outreach mission in March. Leighton was sent to help reinvigorate the faith of many Pakistani Christians in Bahar Colony an area of Lahore with a very large Christian community.

By Leighton Medley

On the 29th March, we were on home territory in Bahar Colony, right in the centre of Lahore. I did not know it at first, but I knew some of the people
in this church, the Spiritual United Gospel Ministries of Pakistan, headed by Pastor Saleem Khan. In an ironic twist of fate, I am incidentally the
uncle of his eldest daughters` two children. The daughter being Ghazala, her children being Elisha and Josiah. It was a good meeting actually, I enjoyed
it immensely, as did Mehwish and my wife. The sermon was from 1 Corinthians 3, where we focused on the need to follow Jesus, and to beware of following
false teachers, who lead us down a blind alley. Also, the need for teamwork; we are not one man bands, we need each other, we cannot survive on our
own and isolated, we must help one another; from the toilet cleaner to the administrator, to the teacher and pastor.

The other focus was to inform them, that all was theirs in Christ. They did not need to appear trendy, as this is an urban church in the heart of Lahore,
many of them have access to television and all the distractions that can bring. They listened intently and i was impressed with their ability to understand,
as it was quite a detailed sermon on a tough passage of scripture. On giving the bibles out, there was something to treasure. An older lady, who we
presume had never had her own bible, upon receiving her free bible, said in tears "God bless you." This is what the BPCA is about, if only you could
have seen her clutching that bible, like it was the most important thing in the world to her, this is why we come. I prayed for a few of the community
who were sick and infirmed, but they are strong in the faith, and there was a certain grace in them dealing with their condition.

Pastor Saleem, an extremely jovial man, invited us for dinner afterwards, where we sang worship songs and enjoyed fellowship together. The time we had
i will remember fondly, it is not always this enjoyable, but i feel relaxed as i get ready for the most important weekend with regards to ministry
in Pakistan, as we address Christian Family Life and the Prodigal Son. Please pray for this and pray that the Lord may speak His word to convict those
who need ministry in these areas. As for Pastor Saleem and his church, my prayer is that they continue to be strong in the Lord, they are a small community,
but i pray not only for numerical growth, but spiritual growth also.

In Christ

Brother Leighton

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Several bibles were handed out to those without them.

A joyous worship was held during the service.

Prayer and healing was received by attendees

People prayed together

Several bibles were distributed.