Campaigning for Justice, Truth and Equality

Our campaign work is well documented, a quick search on the internet will reveal how far our seminal articles have traversed across the globe. BACA articles have been published by various media channels in Finland, The Netherlands, Canada, USA, France, Spain – and Pakistan itself. Information provided by BACA has also been quoted and used in articles by bloggers and humanitarian groups to build a profile of the persecution issues. The result of this media awareness is a massive global increase in the knowledge of the persecution faced by Christians and other minorities living in Pakistan.

Supporters of BACA have held snap protests outside the Pakistan Embassy in London and consulates in the UK’s capital cities. We have held vigils outside 10 Downing Street and helped organise protests by smaller groups of Pakistan Christians in France and Ireland. This practical work is worth it – more and more people are becoming aware of religious persecution and discrimination in Pakistan.

Our Annual Peace Concert held at Trafalgar Square [usually in March] has seen leaders from all key faiths speaking out against religious hatred and persecution. It has developed a closer working relationship between many leaders of different beliefs.